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    About Us

So you stumble upon our website looking up SEO companies or SEO Services. You started Googling SEO related keywords in Bend and ended up here. That was no accident (All part of the master plan *Evil Laugh*). The process of you finding us on Google is exactly what we do for our clients. We boost their visibility and traffic so that their revenue increases with High ROI.

A lot of business talk a big game in the SEO world. Throwing around fancy SEO words you never heard of. In order to lock you into a contract that never shows results. It’s hard to know who to trust when everybody claims to know what Google wants and doesn’t want. At Crafty Rank I don’t believe that we need to lock you into a contract in order to keep your business. I believe our results should speak for themselves.

I genuinely care about the success of every business Crafty Rank works with. And if I don’t believe I can yield the results your looking for, I’ll recommend somebody that can. I’m here to provide an honest evaluation about the current state of your website, and free advice on what you can do to improve things moving forward.  For me, it’s all about trust, transparency and providing real value.