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    Bend SEO 101: The Introductory guide to optimization

    January 29, 2017

January 29, 2017

Bend SEO 101: The Introductory guide to optimization

Do you wish to see your business website ranked among the very first pages of search engines? Do you scratch your head every time words like SEO and link-building are mentioned? Have no fear, this article will provide assistance. The focus here is to help individuals learn about SEO marketing, along with the terminology that follows this aspect.

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Before we go any further, it is crucial to understand that, there are some foundation principles that determine how a site is ranked by search engines. Also important to note is that no internet user goes through a site to determine what it is all about, this is done by internet bots.
SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, develops an optimal digital environ to assist internet bots to streamline their work. A good example is ranking sites with relevant information that contain the word “Bend”. This can be segmented into two basic aspects, on-site and off-site optimization.
On-site Optimization is responsible for ensuring the website is ranked optimally at the top of search results. This aspect uses the content to improve the ranking.

This includes:
• Ensuring the website is spider friendly
• Content website clarity.
• Neither overused nor underused keywords
• Presence of properly formatted Metadata
• Integrating social site tags
• Internet bot accessibility
• Presence of Schema, authorship and rich snippets
Off-site Optimization improves your website’s reputation online.

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Purchasing backlinks achieved great results at times in the past years. However, changes in algorithms caused companies that invested in backlinks to fall drastically. Moreover, Google updates erased millions of pages from its index, as a security measure. This has forced SEO experts to determine alternatives to link without breaking search engine rules.
Some of the newly incorporated strategies involve:
• Link baiting
• Submissions to directories
• Directory submissions
• Social Media Marketing
• Exchanging links
• Guest blogging for upcoming blogs
• Guest posting
• Hosting famed guest bloggers on your website.
• Article Submission on various sites
• Gadget and widget developments
• Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns, also known as internet advertising.
• Blogging
• Local listings that include the yellow pages
In a sense, it is not just about the number of links, but also their quality. All this requires constant maintenance and reaching the top is easy, staying there is the hardest bit; you’ll have to fight “tooth and nail” by incorporating a good Bend SEO expert and active marketing.

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Social media is an essential component of SEO in the Bend area. Virtually, every website should have their online presence on social media platforms. The site also needs to have social media plugins, which will guide the user on how to interact with the company and share the content.

The frequency of likes, tweeted tweets, shares and re-pins are defined as social proofs and they make up social media conversations, which are critical for search engine rankings. Search engines and internet users will view your website as having quality content and valuable social signals to propel your website, thus, enhancing its visibility.
Regardless of your brand, an online presence is crucial for success. However big or small your business is, utilization of social media and search engines is the most effective and sure way to attract potential clients. Basically, Social Media equals Success.

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It doesn’t matter if it is you or SEO professionals that designed your website; the crucial aspect is that you market and network your website very well with the search engine. In a simple way, think about opening a general store, full with commodities and eventually setting it up in the woods.

It may have all the latest goods and trends, but nobody will have access to it, simply because there are no roads or advertisements regarding its location. With time, you’ll reach your target demography, provided you use social media wisely and provide search engines with your best-updated content regularly.
SEO in Bend is a complex field; nonetheless, our Bend SEO specialists will help you leverage your website and have a share of the search engine money pie. Your site will be critically analyzed and arising concerns will be addressed. In addition, you’ll receive your own personal strategy toward SEO success in your website.

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SEO in Bend is absolutely necessary if you want to increase clients seeking your services and enjoy high significant traffic coming from search engines. Include relevant keywords, incorporate social media marketing and link building to increase your brand awareness and recognition, as well as boost your online presence.

Invest in high-quality SEO services from highly accredited and exemplary SEO agencies in Bend; this is a good, sound business idea you can make for your business. Ultimately, you will reach the top and by including these aspects discussed above, you will most likely stay at the top for the better part of the century, and get uncontrolled beneficial traffic.

The Pros of Using SEO in Bend for Your Business

1. SEO Delivers continuous flow of Traffic that is Free and Targeted

Can you try and comprehend how many searches are made yearly, monthly or even on a daily basis on search engines? Various sources have estimated that in a year, the value is more than 2 trillion. That roughly estimates to 6 billion searches a day. This is a free gigantic resource to tap into, and SEO is the guide to divert a substantial number of these to your website.
Understand that the term ‘free’, confers that you don’t pour in a cent to drive traffic to your websites, like the norm with PPC (Paid per Click) advertising and use of Google AdWords. Link build and generate quality content to significantly reduce your advertising and marketing cost.

2. SEO in Bend Exposes your Business to people looking for a solution

It is without a doubt that most internet users flock search engines in search of solutions to a certain immediate problem. I know because three-quarters of my internet time is spent looking for solutions to a certain problem that I have. If your business is one that offers solutions to a problem, for example, IT solutions, most probably, everyone with an electronic device will click on your website in an effort to seek counsel.
If your SEO skills landed your website at the top or generally on the front page, it has been determined that since most internet users will click on the first entry, this will most certainly be your luck in exposure; rarely will people go to the next page.

3. SEO Generates Traffic, which has a possibility of Converting

Nothing sounds better to a business than gaining new clients. Leads generated by SEO peak higher than those generated from traditional forms of email marketing and marketing through print media. Online users behave differently depending on the industry niche, and will most likely click on the one with the most interactive conversations.
Businesses from the airline, finance, broadcast and insurance sectors have their users clicking onto the first three search results, in comparison to users from the computer and technology niche, who will rarely do so. This provides insight on the importance to SERPs rankings in receiving a substantial amount of clicks and conversations.

4. SEO can help you grow your business

Without a doubt, the internet is a big place; if you decide to take your business there, you will need to survive. Imagine being in a desert and you are living off your last rations in order to survive longer, well it is pretty much the same with the Internet. Survival, however, in the online world, involves maintenance of a good online presence, with your social channels and web presence. SEO plays a major role securing your online presence, enabling you to increase your brand visibility by more than 50%.
This is basically like a compass for your target audience to locate you, ushering a better business growth.

5. SEO Sets You Up as an Authority In Your Niche

Establishing a good ranking position in search engines will require you to have a strong online presence by providing great content. Once you get to the top cream, establish your niche authority and develop trust from your targeted audience; this results in a higher chance of conversions as sales or leads.

The Cons of Using SEO in Bend for Your Business

1. Generating SEO Results Will Take Time

Bend is rich in businesses, which has their online presence established and traffic directed annually. If you are a startup business, this process will take time, becoming a noticeable drawback for incorporating SEO. Tangible results are achieved at a slow pace, making one feel as though their efforts are being wasted.

2. Getting a ROI with SEO will take long

If generating tangible results from your SEO is slow, then most likely, getting ROI (Return on Investment) will be slower. Small businesses requiring short term substantial revenues will potentially suffer, since small businesses require these funds to use as revolvers in sustaining their running operations.

3. For a competitive niche, SEO in Bend requires a huge Investment

SEO in a sense is not a free digital marketing tool. Moreover, in an already established place like Bend, you will have to do everything meted out in a SEO campaign.

This includes; attracting backlinks and producing quality content. For this to be possible, you will find yourself hiring Bend SEO experts, with the total know-how of the area; they will help you build organic links and other marketing activities relating to SEO.
A competitive niche area like Bend will probably require you to incorporate expert SEO advice.

4. SEO has no 1st-page ranking guarantee in search engine results

The glory of the first page of search engine results is the most crucial goal to look forward to when you create a business website. SEO will most certainly do everything in its power to help you out. However, this is not a guarantee, using the keywords you have incorporated.

The possibility exists there will be better companies out there; therefore, remaining at the top is not always static or constant. As we have seen with the closure of file sharing sites, the tables can turn.

5. SEO gives you limited control

As I mentioned earlier, no one knows how search engine algorithms function. What is being championed out there by internet marketing “gurus” could be literary the opposite of what is expected.

Only search engines know; only they have the power. They will be the ones to dictate how much traffic you are going to generate and the kind of traffic generated from your SEO efforts.
This is entirely different from paid marketing, where you get what you pay for.

6. Penalty Risk

As a digital marketer, seeing all your work swept away in a flood called search engines’ penalty, sadly leaves you to start all over from scratch. Search engine rules have the potential to crumble an online business presence, thus, presenting a challenge.


As elaborated earlier, SEO remains the top traffic source for many websites out there. SEO should also be a major part of one’s digital campaign. These pros and cons will potentially provide better insight as to maximize use of SEO in a better context and avoid your online presence from being run to the ground.

This leaves you with ample time to focus on other areas of your business like maintaining the already present traffic or increasing traffic.