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Tourism occupies a very prominent part of the business sector in Bend, Oregon, along with several other large industries. Some of the biggest attractions for the tourists include the Cascade Lakes among many others. Bend has introduced the transient room tax which is obtained from the paying occupants of short term rentals and later remitted to the Bend Economic Development Advisory Board. This is an up sell as well as an incentive aimed, at converting many of these short term visitors and company owners to homeowners in Bend.

Data from Bend in 2011 reveals that families with children in tow make up the largest part when you look at the demographics of those visiting. These families make up about 35%, while couples without children make up 24% , the second largest proportion of visitors to Bend..
In the course of that same year tourism engaged 16% of the city’s workforce, and generated a tidy sum of 570 million dollars. Bend boasts of being home to the 6th largest Craft brewery in the country, as well as the Deschutes Brewery, with a massive conglomeration of more than a dozen microbreweries in the city as well. Connoisseurs who bestrode the world of Beer craft can be seen at the various breweries along the Bend Ale trail in the city.

Interestingly Bend has also been hosting the very best indie film festivals in the country since 2004. Reports in 2005, described Bend’s economical profile as including five business groups. The tourism sector provided 7,772 jobs. The Healthcare and Social Services directly supported 6,062 jobs. And the Professional, Scientific and Specialized Services directly supported 1,893 jobs, the Wood Products Production/Industry was supporting precisely 1,798 jobs, while The Diversion and Transport Equipment Services was supporting 1,065 jobs.

Bend also owes a large part of its rapid growth to its attraction as a retirement terminus. The explosive growth, in population has led to the influx of several non- governmental organizations, who advocate for the use and protection of natural products and resources. These include the Oregon Alternatives and Central Oregon Landwatch.

Virgin for at least 12000 years, the Bend region was largely unknown to the outside world, and was only accessible then to hunting and fishing native Americans. It wasn’t until the winter of 1824, that the place was seen by members of a fur trapping party led by Peter Skene Ogden. Consequently forerunners forded the Deschutes River precisely at Farewell, Bend and pioneers moving further west also transited through the area.

Industrialization came early to Bend. The first commercial sawmill in Bend was built in May 1901, by the Pilot Butte Development Company. It was initially located at the back of the Pilot Butte Inn which was established much later. And just below the Pioneer Park area on the Deschutes River, Reed and Steidl set up a small water powered factory in Bend in 1903. Consequently a small community began to grow across the region.

This community was later in 1904, integrated as a city by a general vote of the community at the time, the population was 300. Another landmark, the Mirror Pond was constructed and commissioned by the Bend Light Water & Power Company Dam, on the Deschutes River in Bend in 1910, when the dam supplied its first electricity to the city. But since 1926, Pacific Power has owned the dam and powered about 200 Bend homes.
Oregon was created in 1918, from the western half of Crook County, while the Deschutes County in Bend was designated as the county seat. In 1929, the charter was amended by Bend and the city adopted a council-supervisor form of government.

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